Winter Berry Pie Lip Lites

The Winter Berry Pie Lip Lites was first introduced for holiday 2004 as a special edition shade and flavor. A gorgeous, universally flattering pearly mauve shimmer with one of most intoxicating pie flavors I've ever smelled! Seriously, it smells like warm, freshly baked berry pie from grandma's house and you can smell everything down to the delicious pie crust! The cute pie animation on the tube shows a freshly baked pie from the oven with wafting swirls, making it oh-so cozy. A perfect winter edition to get you in the mood for the holidays or a cold winters day, but so good you want to use it year round.

Winter Berry Pie swatch 

Bonne Bell brought back Winter Berry Pie for the next few holidays after it first came out, thankfully. It even saw the tube transition from the standard tubes that were used for Lip Lites from around 1996-2004, to the last iteration of the longer oval shaped tubes. The shade stayed the same too but you'll notice the color seems off on one of the tubes but it's due to storage. I never understood why Bonne Bell didn't introduce this exact formula into a Lip Smacker, although holiday 2004's Bakery Berry Pie was very similar but not an exact dupe.

Berry Kiss Mix holiday 2004 set, featured with two other limited-edition Lip Shake and Lip d'Votion glosses.

Lip Lites' formula was a drugstore staple in a sea of mediocre offerings on the market at the time. The shades, texture, flavors, quality and price made is so easy to want to own every one. I will eventually do a post for Lip Lites detailing tube details and designs, as well as all the yummy shades and flavors that were offered over the years. What were your favorites?!


  1. Bubble Burst, Cappuccino, Creme Brulee and Mocha Mousse were some of my favorites!

    1. Those were all great ones, especially Cappuccino! One of the most universally flattering taupe-y nudes too that smelled heavenly. There was even a very limited edition Cappuccino Freeze which was similar in color but had an icy frost to it. I also loved Shoutin' Sugar (which I'll review here soon) Berry Latte, Sour Ball, Honey Vanilla, Spice Cake, Cool Melon...I could go on! Keep an eye out because I plan to do many more Lip Lites posts. :)

  2. I can't recall the flavors I owned, but I definitely had some of these. I felt like they were more mature and sophisticated than regular Smackers lip balms. Ha ha.


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