Berry Heavenly

Berry Heavenly was sent from above in the Cosmic Lips collection in 1997.  An angelic addition to the Lip Smacker line up that created many berry dreamy smiles all over.

The first edition of the Cosmic Lips labels featuring a bold black script

One whiff of Berry Heavenly is enough to send you sky high into the clouds of berry wonderment. It's cool sky blue sparkling label and tube made the experience of applying it even more magical. The beautiful sky blue balm with it's mesmerizing Cosmic shimmer was the whipped cream on top of this iconic Smacker.

Berry Heavenly's iconic flavor formula is one that if you've used it you'll never forget it. Imagine the juiciest mix of the ripest berries, I'd say a mix of blueberry, (blue?) raspberry and perhaps blackberry are the most obvious in the mix here, floating on top of a heavenly heap of the sweetest whipped cream floating on cloud 9. In a nutshell it's the most luscious berries & cream flavor and probably one of the truest and dreamiest replications I've ever smelled. 

Fun Fact: Berry Heavenly was Starfruit's crush in the World of Smackersville. From Bonne Bell's website circa 1999.

Berry Heavenly Sleepover Sack 

Berry Heavenly's dreaminess didn't just stop at a Lip Smacker either! Bonne Bell bestowed upon us a Smackers Conditioning Shampoo and Hand Sanitizer (remember these?!) in all of its' aromatic glory. The Sleepover Sack also included the Blue Raspberry Rays Cosmic Shower Gel, the Berry Dreamy Cosmic Nails scented nail polish and Cosmic nail stickers too!

Berry Heavenly labels front (top) and back (bottom) from 1997-2012 

Like the rest of the beloved Cosmic Lips line, Berry Heavenly eventually got a few label changes over the years. For this posts BB history, Berry Heavenly was part of the first six Cosmic Lips flavors to be launched. These labels donned bold black scripts on the tube that I always thought contrasted nicely against the dazzling tubes. Also note the bigger Bonne Bell logo on the back of the tube that was featured on all of the mid-90s Original Smackers label designs as well. This design was featured only on the first six Cosmic Smackers. Can you name them?!

Eventually the Berry Heavenly script color changed to a ruby red while the Cosmic line was in full swing. Berry Heavenly transitioned into the Super Star line with the quote "wish upon a dream" on the label. It made it to the final evolution of the Cosmic line, when they were simply renamed Lip Smacker Shimmers. More than half of the original Cosmic Lips flavors were phased out by this point. The later cursive Smacker font on this label though was gorgeous!

In 2012 Bonne Bell quietly transitioned some of the iconic Shimmer formulas into the Disney Princess collection. Berry Heavenly got a new identity as Jasmine's Berry Magic. Same flavor and same balm color even. For holiday 2012 Bonne Bell unveiled a Berry Magic Biggy size so technically there was a Berry Heavenly Biggy, right

The Berry Magic Biggy had a very healthy dose of extra shimmer, so much so it gave lips a noticeable frost.

  Berry Heavenly had a good flight over its timespan in Bonne Bell's timeless collections and is one of those iconic flavors that so many cherished. Although Berry Heavenly gained its permanent wings shortly after Bonne Bell sold, it made its mark as an original BB creation that will continue to transcend time with its heavenly flavor and many magical memories it made.


  1. I have been dying to find a blog like this. Trying to remember all the flavors I had from ~1990 - 2000. Thank you so much!


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