Jelly Bean

The world's first Jelly Bean flavored lip gloss by Bonne Bell (Biggy and Lil Smackeroo sizes), 1978.

The Jelly Bean Smacker sweetened the Lip Smacker line-up for Spring 1978. Bonne Bell innovated candy coated smiles from the jump and had a whole Candyland of flavors over the decades. Starting with Bubble Gum in 1976, Tootsie Roll and Butter Rum in 1977 were just a few ahead of many candy flavors to come. Jelly Bean created a whole new sweet treat to make lips shine about! 

Jelly Bean hit counters in March of 1978 right before the Easter holiday, and could of easily said 'Bunny' Bell on the tube after stuffing this sweet Smacker in Easter baskets that year! Not only did the iconic .60 oz. size make it stand out, the playful script of Jelly Bean written on the tube did along with the happy pink and yellow colors.

Magrams (Burlington, Vermont) store ad featuring the new Jelly Bean Lip Smacker from March 1978

JCPenney newpaper ad from March 1978

Screen grab from this amazing BB video from 1978. Notice the Jelly Bean display over her left shoulder?!

Jelly Bean's flavor is a unique tutti-frutti jelly bean flavor with a creamy quality to it that perfectly captures the essence of eating a handful of jelly beans from your grandparents candy dish or your favorite old fashioned candy store. Mine still carry their aroma perfectly after so many decades and is one of those Lip Smackers that has so many layers to it, it's really hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it so delicious! It's also hard to say what the exact color of the 1978 original was since it looks to have faded but correct me if I'm wrong.

1978 Jelly Beans vs. 1991 Jelly Beans

Jelly Bean was later introduced into the Lil Smackeroo 14. oz. size, and came in the Smackers Stackers cane for holiday 1978. Jelly Bean stayed around for awhile but disappeared before the mid-1980s. Not until 1991 would it return.

1991 Jelly Bean Biggy and mini (check out that short cap on the mini!) 

Easter 1991 reunited Jelly Bean Lip Smacker lovers with their familiar Bonne Bell favorite, in the .60 oz. and mini .14 oz. sizes. The Biggy tube featured the new and cute bunny front and center. Even though the tubes were brand new colors and designs, it had the same exact flavor as the original from 1978.

In 1995 Bonne Bell brought back Jelly Bean to the 90's permanent line-up with a new lilac hued tube and balm with the colorful block logo. They finally realized it was worthy of year-round love. The original sweet tutti-frutti jelly bean flavor lived on for the new generation to fall in love with and soothed the ones who have already loved it long before. It was sold as a single and the graphics on the blister card were beautiful! After discontinuing Jelly Bean from the permanent 90's line-up Bonne Bell gave us two more chances with the iconic formula. 

The Pet Pals Easter 2005 collection brought us Kiwi's Jelly Bean featuring the famous Smackersville pup on the limited edition colorful wrap. They repeated this collection for Easter 2006 and switched out a few of the other flavors and dropped the Pet Pal's names off of the front.

Pet Pals Jelly Bean labels 2005 (left) and 2006 (right)

Bonne Bell discontinued the iconic Jelly Bean tutti-frutti flavor formula after it appeared in the 2006 Easter collection, its' final and last encore. The new Jelly Bean flavor that appeared after this was an orange cream flavor that was good but just wasn't the same.

The iconic Jelly Bean formula from 1978-2007 front (top) and back (bottom)


  1. What jelly bean lip smacker is closest to the original jelly bean besides the 2005 and 2006 collection because I can’t find it :(


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