Cranberry from Holiday 1996, 1997 and 1998. 

The 90's gave us so many amazing cranberries-the band and of course the elusive Cranberry Lip Smacker. Bonne Bell was always right on trend and often times way ahead of it and it was no different with this super antioxidant fave of the 90's. The Cranberry Lip Smacker premiered for Holiday 1996 and only came back for the next two Christmases after.

Cranberry was decked out in original packaging and fit right into the iconic Lip Smacker flavor roster. The gorgeous cran-red tube and evergreen ascents helped put you in a fun and festive mood immediately! I always felt ultra sophisticated wearing Cranberry, it just felt so grown-up and was one of those coveted flavors. I also loved The Cranberries which might of added to the allure.

Holiday 1998 collection tin

Cranberry smelled and tasted exactly like tart cranberry juice too! With Bonne Bell literally being the queen of creating so many iconic berry blends it's no surprise they nailed the flavor with this and it is one I still miss to this day. After its grand entrance for Holiday 1996, Cranberry came back for Holiday 1997 with subtle label changes featuring the BFF label, and then gave us an encore for Holiday 1998 in the bedazzling Cosmic label and a shimmer added Smackers shine.

Although Bonne Bell didn't let the original Cranberry formula linger past 1998, they created many different cranberry cocktails years after including in one of my favorites from Holiday 2007- Apple Cranberry Cider

Holiday Berry (Holiday 2005) was a new sweet and spiced cranberry flavor Bonne Bell created and used as their new default. This same formula was reused for Sparkling Cranberry (Holiday 2008) and later Winter Berries (Holiday 2011). Winter Berries even had a matching Lip Sparkler and Liquid Lip Smacker (below)! Berry Traditional Cranberry (Holiday 2010) was a brand new flavor and a lovely cranberry mandarin combo with an incredibly adorable caroler on the label.

I'm excited to share a never-before-seen Oz exclusive with you! Bonne Bell created many prototypes over the years. Cranberry Strawberry Twirl was one that never made the cut to be released but I can only imagine how perfect this juicy combo would of been, not to mention long before Ocean Spray thought to combine the two. I imagine this would of been in one of the Holiday 2002-2004 collections if it wasn't sadly cut. There were two others that never saw the light of day either, Jolly Cranberry Jelly (Holiday 2012) that was featured in the Holiday 2012 ad but never came out and then Candied Cranberry (Holiday 2013) that Bonne Bell sneak peeked on their website but also never released. Can you imagine how good those would of been!? 

Towards the very end of Bonne Bell’s ownership, they released two cranberries within their Disney partnership for their last ever holiday collection in 2014. Chilled Cranberry Grape from the Frozen collection tin featured a spiced cranberry and juicy grape combo. I wanted to love this one but I personally think it’d of been much better using a tart cranberry versus a spiced cranberry. Then there was Cranberry Jelly with Minnie Mouse on the label. This was just the default sweetly spiced cranberry formula that has been used previously. 

Bonne Bell created many other cranberry flavors in their other lines, including the Cran-versation Lip Lix, the Cranberry Muffin Lip Lites as well as the Sparkling Cranberry (Mineral Shimmers), Sheer Cranberry (Splash of Color) and Sheer Sparkling Cranberry (Splash of Color) Vita Glosses. It's no doubt it became a Bonne Bell staple and one that would make a rare but stunning appearance from time to time.


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