Holiday 2000

 20 years ago the Holiday 2000 Jewel Lips collection glamourized the Christmas season with six brand new, precious Lip Smacker flavors. Bonne Bell continued the Jewel Lips craze by creating the Jewel Lips holiday collection that was a treasure chest of brand new iconic flavors that would be coveted for years to come.

Holiday 2000:

Crystal Wintergreen
Berry Beads
Golden Butter Cream
Kaleidoscope Candy
Strawberry Sequins
Silver Snowball Cookie

Six brand new and incredibly exciting flavors adorned our lips that wonderful Christmas. It was easy to love them all but my favorites were hands down Crystal Wintergreen and Golden Butter Cream! As usual there were a variety of sets to choose from; there were two jewel picture frame trios and then the always holy grail of Holiday sets- the jewel treasure chest that housed all six flavors that could also be used for jewelry and other trinkets. There was even two new Jewel Nails and Jewel Cheeks for this collection as well!

Golden Butter Cream, Strawberry Sequins and Crystal Wintergreen pink picture frame trio

Golden Butter Cream -Talk about a buttercream dream! This smelled and tasted like the yummiest golden buttercream frosting waiting to be frosted on top of the sweetest cupcake. Imagine a big bowl of the richest buttercream frosting whipped to a dense and creamy dream. 

Strawberry Sequins - A welcome new addition to Bonne Bell's original creation and smelled like a sweet new strawberry confection. Who doesn't love a new strawberry flavor?! I could never pinpoint this exact flavor formula because there were some layers to this. Bonne Bell later used this exact flavor for the Strawberry Smiles Lip Smacker and the Strawberry T'whirl s'Whirly Shimmer Gloss.

Crystal Wintergreen - An icy-cool wintergreen flavor that smelled and tasted like somewhere between Winterfresh gum and Wint-O-Green LifeSavers and was so refreshing. Bonne Bell's mint flavors were always a Christmas staple and this was an exciting new addition. 

Silver Snowball Cookie, Berry Beads and Kaleidoscope Candy purple picture frame trio

Silver Snowball Cookie - My first introduction to snowball cookies-believe it or not! This was a brand new flavor for Bonne Bell and was just like a festive coconut cookie dusted in powdered sugar. 

Berry Beads - A sweet and fruity berry different than anything Bonne Bell gave us before and reminded me of a berry punch.

Kaleidoscope Candy - Not only had a gorgeous name and a mesmerizing jewel atop but also had an addicting candy flavor that was like a kaleidoscope of fruity candy flavors. This flavor was very familiar to me and reminded me of the Punch-u-ation! Lip Lix if you had that. Funny enough the jewel on top of Kaleidoscope Candy always reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the West's crystal ball. 

See?! Tell me I'm not wrong! Here's some comparison...

Now do you see?! I also loved the multi-colored glitter specks that were in the cap.

Target holiday ad, November 2000

Longs Drugs newspaper clipping, November 2000

Holiday 2000 was such a memorable Lip Smacker collection (it even had its own Smackersville characters!) for many that at this point I can guarantee many would take it and the special memories that came with it over a blue box from Tiffany's any day and it'll forever be adorned in our hearts for years to come.

Holiday 2000 6 pc. Treasure Chest collection


  1. I've been looking for kaleidoscope candy for years :( I had it as a kid and I wish I could find it again

    1. OMG me too! I LOVED kaleidoscope candy it was SUCH a fun unique flavor! I would be on cloud 9 if it ever made a comeback!

  2. I had the mint! And still have the picture frame! I’m trying to find the book!


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