Flashback: Holiday 2005 Pt. 2 Pet Pals

It wasn't a complete Bonne Bell holiday collection in the 2000's without the Pet Pals crew. Holiday 2005 gave us a scrumptious cookie collection featuring all of our favorite furry friends with their own special cookie flavor, all housed together in a party pack featuring the clip ‘n go caps BB was using at the time. 

A little late but I wanted to review these gems to complete my Holiday 2005 post from 2016.

Arctic's Peppermint Pattie- Imagine if a York Peppermint Pattie and a Thin Mint cookie had a baby!

Kiwi's Frosted Sugar- This was a dreamy frosted sugar flavor, like the icing on top of your favorite holiday cookie.

Muffin's Vanilla Chip- Like freshly whipped chocolate chip cookie dough. Yum!

Rainbow's Raspberry Ribbon- A yummy raspberry ribbon cookie flavor. The raspberry was like a sweet glaze.

Cupcake's Vanilla Sprinkle- Loved this one, just like a sweet vanilla sprinkle cookie! I swear you could smell the sprinkles even.

Eclair's Jelly Thumbprint- A very unique and delicious jelly thumbprint cookie. One of those Lip Smackers that only came around once.

Starberry's Snowball- Just like the festive coconut dusted snowball cookies! Similar to Holiday 2000's Silver Snowball Cookie but an obvious difference that I can't pinpoint.

Sugar's Butter Snowflake- A delicious butter cookie just like from Grandma's kitchen.

I love how each adorable Pet Pal is all dressed in their winters best snow gear. Notice the added ‘gift tag’ space to the right of them so you could write your to and fro’s if you decided to break them up and gift them. The Pet Pals really added a special element to Bonne Bell’s already unique and unforgettable holiday collections. 


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