Bottled Emotion: Lucky 💫

I the stars are on my side. Long before the days of expressing ourselves with emoji's we could do it with our fragrance thanks to the iconic Bottled Emotion fragrance range by Bonne Bell. Debuting in 1998 Bottled Emotion was bursting with all kinds of moods and so were we thanks to the onset of boy bands and really everything pop culture related in the 90's really. 

Lucky was just one of the seventeen unique fragrances from the wide range and it definitely added a happy-go-lucky boost of pure luck to the line-up. Lucky came a little after the original launch and was added to the line in 1999.

Screen capture from, 1999

Believe it or not Lucky was one of the only Bottled Emotion's that didn't include a scent notes breakdown like the others did via circa 1999, so I can't say exactly what made up the scent notes. To me it's energetic with obvious floral and fruity notes that take center stage in this fragrance. 

Bonne Bell gave us many other ways to wear our favorite emotions as well other than the most remembered purse size perfume spray.  How cute is the Solid Fragrance stick!? Does the amazing necklace remind you of anything?

Since we could never get enough shimmer there was also the Shimmer Mist. (There was even a Body Mist sans the shimmer in the same spray bottle!) I always loved giving the bottle a good shake as the shimmer swirled around in a mesmerizing trance.  

There was even the very rare Shimmer Powder too for those who wanted a dry shimmer with fragrance. I love the decanter this came in!

And of course the Scented Topcoat nail polish rounded out the line. Scented nail polish was so big in the 90's so it only made sense. 

I loved the details that were on the back of the products too!

The Bottled Emotion line really captured the essence of the era. It came after a long history of fragrances created by Bonne Bell like the iconic Skin Musk. Keep an eye out for more Bottled Emotion's love to come, you just may see your favorite! 💫  


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