Pink Chocolate

Pink Chocolate first premiered in the Easter 1991 collection with a basketful of 5 other flavorful faves and was the first chocolate flavor introduced since the original 1970's line-up. Long before the days of the ruby cacao trend,  Pink Chocolate gave us everything and more arriving on the Bonne Bell scene in a bright and vivid hot pink tube and contrasting bright white lettering to demand your attention.

Pink Chocolate labels for Easter 1991 & 1992

By this time there were only a few chocolate flavors to grace the Lip Smacker line-up like Orange Chocolate, Tootsie Roll, Chocolate Mint and Cherry Chocolate from the earlier days. Pink Chocolate was a brand new flavor though and a unique successor after the already flawless flavors that came before it. To me Pink Chocolate was very similar in flavor to the later Raspberry Chocolate that followed closely behind and we all know how amazing that was! The balm color was also pale pink too. 

"Biggy" size Easter Lip Smacker, 1991

And guess what... Pink Chocolate even came in the iconic Biggy size, just like the mock-up rendering above! How adorable is the Bonne Bell Bunny on the packaging?! Pink Chocolate was repeated in the 1992 Easter collection, same label with minor changes but the Biggy did not make a reappearance making it a true treasure!

Blistered card for the Pink Chocolate Fun Flavored Shiner, Easter 2001

Pink Chocolate continued to get the Bonne Bell love but would not be seen again until Easter 2001 when it came in a brand new form, the very limited Fun Flavored Shiners that came out that year in the Friendship Collectibles set. The label featured some of our favorite Smackersville & Pet Pals characters Kiwi the dog and Passion Fruit. How cute is the Kiwi keychain holder?!

Pink Chocolate became an Easter staple down the line although it saw a flavor change when it can back out in the Easter 2008 collection as Pink Chocolate Chick.

Easter 2008, 2010 & 2014

This time it was more along the lines of a white chocolate flavor yet a little different giving it that pink flavor. Bonne Bell stuck with this flavor going forward and used it for Easter 2010 Pink Chocolate and 2014 Pink Chocolate. It had one last appearance in 2015 for Bonne Bell's last Easter collection ever, featuring none other than Minnie Mouse herself with the flavor Pink Chocolate Egg.

And for a Pink Chocolate encore minus the 1991 Biggy...


  1. Very cool! I’m a lipsmacker fan from
    way back and I’m so glad I found this site. I collect lipsmackers and have about 100 (including Pink Chocolate) and take them out occasionally just to smell them and relive my childhood and teen years in the 80’s and 90’s. I will ALWAYS love lipsmackers!

    1. Thank you for visiting and so glad you love it! Nice collection too :) Nothing like taking a whiff of a Lip Smacker that takes you back in time. That's pretty powerful stuff. Be sure to always check in since I have so much more to share and you never know what I'll post next. ;)

  2. I am SO GLAD I found your website! Please keep up all the fun posts! I’m a Lip Smackers fan and sort-of collector because I love to hunt and find new and old favorites!


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