Holiday 2011 Lip Sparklers

Holiday 2011 was the first time Bonne Bell offered their famous Lip Sparklers in exciting new and limited edition flavors in all of the glamorous gloss' history! What better way to add extra dazzle and delight to the Holiday season than the iconic Lip Sparklers in new festive flavors!?

What made these even better was the also iconic canes they came in. Each Lip Sparkler duo came with an adorable Christmas critter and a snowman to attach on top to take with you anywhere. The packaging for these were perfect to slip into stockings and then later on your keychain or purse. I also love the gleeful art icons they were doing on the tubes during this era. The festive treats made them even more spirited! 

Glistening Snowman tag

Radiant Reindeer tag

I even love the detail they put into the packaging tags. They really thought these through and most likely thought 'why have we never done Holiday Lip Sparkler flavors!?'. At this point Lip Sparklers or Sponge-on Sparklers/Lip Sparkles formerly known as, were almost 20 years old. The Lip Sparkler formula stayed pretty consistent in its total 23 years. A creamy gloss loaded with shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients that dressed lips in shimmery shine and the most delicious flavors. Some also provided a tint of color. You don’t see that kind of product lifecycle longevity with glosses these days but there’s also nothing out there like these.

Six brand-new, never-before-done in Lip Sparklers, flavors came along to sweep away our senses into a Christmas wonderland that year. What made these even more special was the matching mini Lip Sparklers that were sprinkled in different Holiday sets that year.

There were two glosses that didn't get the mini treatment although there was one that was offered in a later Holiday collection by a slightly different name. ;)

Radiant Reindeer cane:
Chilled Eggnog 
Gingerbread Cookie

Starting off with my favorite duo cane that featured Chilled Eggnog and Gingerbread Cookie. This was also the first year Bonne Bell brought an eggnog flavor out in 33 years and it got both the classic Lip Smacker AND Lip Sparkler treatment! Both glosses were scrumptous as ever. Chilled Eggnog smelled creamy and nutmeg forward like the old time classic Holiday beverage and tinted lips with a frosty chilled shimmer, just like it’s famous sister Vanilla Frosting! Gingerbread Cookie was a delectable frosted gingerbread flavor with a nude shimmer. 

Shimmering Bear duo:
Gumdrop Pop
Candy Cane Celebration

The candy kissed duo of the bunch offered Gumdrop Pop and Candy Cane Celebration. Gumdrop Pop laced lips in the newer spiced satsuma orange gumdrop flavor Bonne Bell was using despite the mesmerizing lavender tinged gloss. One thing I've always loved about getting a brand new Sponge-on Sparkler tube is how the freshly poured gloss lay so prettily like shimmering snow drifts in the tube as you can see with these. Candy Cane Celebration was a surprise party for the lips and a decadent slice of candy cane cake. This one also gave lips an extra boost of reddish tint. 

Glistening Snowman duo:
Sugar Plum Party
Winter Berries

The sophisticated and festive fruits duo offered up a Bonne Bell Christmas classic as a first time-ever Lip Sparkler gloss, Sugar Plum Party along with Winter Berries. I've reviewed both Sugar Plum Party and Winter Berries before but both are worthy of always acknowledging. Sugar Plum Party was the classic BB flavor in a glimmery gleaming gloss while Winter Berries was a sweetly spiced cranberry flavor to warm you up and to give your kisser a sheer radiant red sheen. 


The Holiday 2011 Lip Sparkler canes were a shooting star of a collection. Here and gone and never done again. Bonne Bell did do a few mini Holiday Lip Sparklers after this but they were only available in different sets and not as a collection in itself. Bonne Bell’s iconic Lip Sparklers/Sponge-On Sparklers/Lip Sparkles always added an extra twinkle to more than just lips and set the standard for lip gloss during their reign.


  1. I love the Christmasy pics! I think I missed this but loved Sponge on Sparklers so I don't know how I did :(. I wore Vanilla Frosting pretty much all of Junior High and High School but also loved Bubble Gum Blowout and Grape Gravity. I can't even tell you how many tubes of these I went through over the years. Still mourning their loss.


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