Allure Dr Pepper Lip Smacker Obit


Desktop capture 

I was lucky enough to be asked to share my thoughts on the recent news of the iconic Dr Pepper Lip Smacker being discontinued and share some history with a writer from Allure magazine. What an honor! Check out my thoughts and image in the article here. As we know the beloved brand we all deeply adored for decades has really been gone since 2015, so this news is no surprise to me since it hasn’t been the same since. 

Mobile capture 

Some Bonne Bell Dr Pepper mini’s spanning over 5 decades.


  1. I can’t believe that the iconic Dr.Pepper Lip smacker is discontinued. Thankfully, I have a large collection, including one of the vintage jumbo ones from the 70’s that I will NEVER use but this kind of feels like a part of my childhood died. I have a little over a hundred actual stick lip smackers (not counting stuff like lip sparklers, the pot of gloss, the flip juicees, sour smackers ect) and as cheesy as it sounds, I can’t even describe what they mean to me. One whiff of a certain flavor takes me right back to 1994. The Dr. Pepper flavor is such a classic and I assumed it would be around forever, like Revlon Cherries in the Snow has been for our mothers and grandmothers. Such a bummer.


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