Sun Smackers Cool Face Coverup Biggy

Bonne Bell always made fun in the sun a year round event with a solid line-up of sun protecting products no matter the season. When Sun Smackers launched in 1996 it was just the awesome new SPF 24 lip glosses at first. Then in 1997 came along this exciting Sun Smackers Cool Face Coverup sunblock stick in a Biggy size. There was even an SPF sunblock lotion with this launch but more to come on that at a later time! This wasn’t exactly the first time BB gave the world a multi-tasking sunscreen product but of course it was welcomed with open arms.

Sun Smackers Cool Face Coverup carded graphics snippet

Decades before this Bonne Bell made cosmetics aimed for skiers, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes alike, and introduced their Weatherproofer salve. In a way this was a nod to the ol' faithful and similar. A salve to protect and nourish the skin against the harsh elements no matter the climate you were in, with a UVA/UVB SPF 24 sun protection to boot.

The adorable graphics on this were very much on par with the 90's branding, featuring the block logo and characters fit for Smackersville. I'd like to imagine the duo with the skis on here are Mr. & Mrs. Bell, respectively 🤍. Check out the three different angles below.

The Sun Smackers Cool Face Coverup was flavorless even though it looked like its biggy-sized Sun Smackers counterpart. This made for all-over use to get sunscreen protection wherever you needed it. 

Snippet of the Cool Face Cover Up from, circa 1998.

It still made for a perfect fit on our Smackers keychain though alongside other Sun Smackers to take with us to the beach, snowboarding or to the mall. The Sun Smackers Cool Face Cover Up was one of those amazing multi-use products that Bonne Bell always innovated. We later saw a similar product at the very end of the 2000’s, that of course you'll see here down the road. Until then be sure to always drink plenty of water and wear your sunscreen. 


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