Holiday 2002 Pt. III: Cosmic Dream Catchers


Bonne Bell had us wishing upon a star with the Holiday 2002 Cosmic Dream Catcher collection. A shooting star of a collection and if you blinked you may have missed it. Four new twinkling & tasty Cosmic Smackers came along dressed for the star-stunning Christmas 2002 season.

I first spotted these at Target and found out they were exclusive to only Target and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. One of the things I immediately loved about this collection is it seemed to be a throwback nod to the Holiday 1984/1985 collection, slightly reimagined with cosmic flair.

There were 4 brand-new, seriously celestial flavors in this collection available in 3 different sets. Strawberry Shimmer and Berry Twinkle repeated together in the third set but I would of loved 2 additional new flavors! I briefly covered these already awhile ago but they deserve another post highlighting their beauty. 

Holiday 2002 Cosmics:

Raspberry Melon Glimmer
Strawberry Shimmer 
Candy Cane Frost 
Berry Twinkle

Raspberry Melon Glimmer- A brand new candied raspberry and sugared honeydew melon swirled together to create a new BB flavor fusion icon that we'd see in the years to come. This was Bonne Bell's first honeydew melon flavor too! This version reminded me of those whirly pop lollipops and was absolutely perfect! This particular flavor formula was only used for this one time.

Strawberry Shimmer- A BB icon given a starred-eye surprise. This was actually similar to original Strawberry with an extra hint of sweetness and dose of shimmer for lips to glimmer to.

Candy Cane Frost- Although we didn't get a candy cane every Holiday and were some times forced to wait a few years before it would appear again, it was always incredibly thrilling to see its grand return! This wasn't exactly the original Candy Cane but still a crisp, cool mint. This had hints of the original with an added sharper mint I'd call wintermint mixed in. 

Berry Twinkle- A berry fun, twinkling new berry bash! This blue hued stunner had a brand new berry flavor that I never smelled before or again after this and was on the sweeter side with layers of sweetly sugared berries that were hard to pinpoint. It even had a unique blue shimmer iridescence that the others in this collection didn't have!

Each set also came with a new, limited edition Sugar 'n Ice Cosmic Cheeks face & body glitter that smelled like softly sweet snow blossoms and left you glittering like icicles. 

Sugar 'n Ice was tinted an icy light blue but went on clear with mesmerizing multi-color sparkles.

'Glitter from the galaxy gives cheeks different colored sparkles with scents to match!'

The dream catchers all had a double-sided charm with the Smackers logo monogrammed on one side and "2002" the other highlighting the special season. 

Other than the star dream catcher there was also a traditional circular dream catcher that was available in the other sets.

The Cosmic Dream Catchers added starry flair to the Holiday 2002 collection and was the perfect collection to round out so many amazing flavors Bonne Bell introduced for the season. Thinking of these collections leave me breathless of how we live in a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker-less world now. I guess we'll have to wish upon a star for the Bell family to bring back something as original. 🌟

Glimmering Bonne Bell logos on the back of the tubes


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