Holiday 2002 Pt. IV: A Big Strawberry Surprise!


Holiday 2002 had one extra BIG surprise for us. Bonne Bell gifted us with a BIGGY Strawberry Lip Smacker! Before this the last jumbo Strawberry in regular packaging came out in the early 1990's, so this was a very unexpected sweet surprise to say the least. Bonne Bell Lip Smackers have always made the best and most coveted stocking stuffers since 1973, especially the Biggy's. 

The Strawberry Biggy was probably the most limited item in the Holiday 2002 collection and many seem to have forgotten it was even offered. It was exclusive to Walmart only with limited distribution and each store only got a handful in. My memory is slightly fuzzy though because I remember it coming with a mini but I believe it was Cotton Candy. I have the image of the set somewhere in the archives that I will hopefully locate soon and will update here once I do.

I used the matching mini Strawberry for label comparisons since this was still the BFF label era and they perfectly align. I just love seeing Biggy's and mini's next to one another! I've always wondered if this was created since Lip Smackers were about to turn 30 years old at this time, with Strawberry being the first flavor created. In theory it makes sense but we may never know. We wouldn't see any more Biggy's until 3 years after this. 😘🍓


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