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Bonne Crocker, I mean, Bell specially baked up the scrumptious Sponge-on Layered Cake lip glosses and served them up in 2001. They paved the way not only for inventing flavored lip gloss but also cake flavors, going all the way back to the original 1970's line. Before Bonne Bell, there were not cake flavors for lips on the market. Though there were cake flavors from Bonne Bell long before this, the Sponge-on Layered Cake line is one of the iconic innovations of the early 2000's collection and one I get asked about often.

The iconic Bonne Bell logo and 'Lakewood, Ohio 44107' that stamped many products through the decades.

The artwork graphics on the blistered packaging for these are some of my very favorite! 
L😍VE! It gives a very late 1960's, early 1970's psychedelic free-spirited vibe. Throw on your favorite record, inhale the sugar high and just gaze at the far-out themes of this decadent collection while we all dance in the daises and wonderment. 

Fresh from the Bonne Bell bakery and serving up in no particular order are (peep the groovy graphics)...

Sun & the clouds 🌞 ☁️ 🤍

This mermaid 😍…magical!

The packaging for these were also innovative as each cap had color coordinated party shaker beads that doubled as a party favor for any festive event to shake and rattle too. Then going with the theme of layer cakes, there were 3 colorful layers of shimmering, shiny gloss stacked with the most intoxicating layer cake flavors in the world. The texture was like glimmery, shimmery, creamy cake batter that actually lasted on your lips! It was ultra moisturizing with shea butter and lots of other yummy pout protectors. 

Talk about about a perfect piece! Look at the that metallic wand with the see thru cap, like it's dipping right into the balmy, glossy batter. 

Sponge-on Layered Cake debuted with 6 brand new, scrumptious flavors. More flavors would follow in the years to come but the original six were a perfect first course, with each one being more scrumptious than the next.

Sponge-on Layered Cake:
Brownie Cheesecake 
Birthday Cake
Wedding Cake
Confetti Surprise
Berry Sponge Cake 
Marshmallow Yum Cake 
Strawberry Cupcake
Raspberry Angel Cake
Ice Cream Cake

Brownie Cheesecake- The one that captured my heart the quickest! BROWNIE AND CHEESCAKE combined?! This would be a #1 seller at The Cheesecake Factory immediately. Of course it didn't disappoint and was a rich and decadent brownie cheesecake confection. Bonne Bell was the first to innovate cheesecake lip flavors and not surprising the only one that ever nailed it. 

Birthday Cake- A richly, buttercream frosted, vanilla birthday cake in a mesmerizing tube made this irresistible! Worth a mention that this is BB's first ever Birthday Cake flavor! Hard to believe with all of the cake flavors that came before this, right?

Wedding Cake- First off, I loved the theme of this flavor off the jump! Wedding Cake came off as so mature and utterly elegant. Also, never heard of a wedding cake flavored lip gloss before this! This flavor came off as a lovely strawberry almond wedding cake. 

Confetti Surprise- If someone were to burst out of a cake, this flavor would be the one! A very mysterious flavor that always reminds me of pineapple upside down cake at first but also maybe even something with sugary bubble gum. It tip toes the line between both and is the sweetest surprise! 

Berry Sponge Cake- For some reason smelling this brings back so many happy memories. Yes, I used it a lot and now I'm glad it takes me back to those special times. A very berry cake-y confection. This was the real deal and smelled so superior.  

Marshmallow Yum Cake- Yum and then some! Another immediate favorite that smelled like the sweetest and most dense cake that was swimming with the fluffiest marshmallows falling from above. 

Have a big slice...

Of decadent Brownie Cheesecake...

    A slice of Birthday Cake...

A slice of Wedding Cake...

Maybe even a little Confetti Surprise...

You have to try a bite of Berry Sponge Cake...

And last but not least...a slice of Marshmallow Yum Cake.

In later 2002 Bonne Bell added a new flavor to the Sponge-on Layered Cake menu in Strawberry Cupcake. No collection would be complete without a new addition of the BB flavor that started it all. With the warm, fresh baked welcome to this newbie, we sadly had to say fairwell to the decadent Brownie Cheesecake.

Serving up a freshly baked Strawberry Cupcake

Strawberry CupcakeImagine a perfectly baked strawberry cupcake with a rich cream cheese frosting whipped on top! A beautiful new take on a Bonne Bell classic, one in which they always perfected in the first recipe, no matter what. Seconds and thirds PLEASE!

2001 full-page Celebration ad featuring the Smackersville girls celebrating with new Lip Frosting and Sponge-on Layered Cake glosses. Check out those prototypes for both! See the half-page ad here.

Speaking of prototypes, check out these prototype graphics from this February 2001 store ad clipping…

Not long after, while Sponge-on Layered Cake glosses shook and rattled their way onward, by late 2003 the packaging graphics were slightly reimagined, along with the blistered graphics and even the name. Welcome Layered Cake Gloss formally known as Sponge-on Layered Cake. The same great triple layered treat with 2 brand new flavors! Raspberry Angel Cake  and Ice Cream Cake.

Raspberry Angel Cake and Ice Cream Cake

Raspberry Angel Cake- My heavens this could take you to the clouds in one sweet whiff. While it initially reminded me of Holiday 2001's Raspberry Cupcake, it had some added difference which I imagine since this is distinctly a raspberry angel food cake.

Ice Cream Cake- If you had a Birthday party in the 1990's/early 2000's then you know ice cream cakes were all the rage! They may be more common now but this was Bonne Bell's and the worlds first ever Ice Cream Cake flavor. This screamed Neapolitan ice cream to me with the most obvious part being the strawberry ice cream. Definitely a fun and great take on the now classic. 

The Sponge-On Layered Cake's aka Layered Cake Glosses all eventually were eaten up off of Bonne Bell's menu by the mid-to-late 2000's and became a distant dessert dream. While it wasn't the last of Bonne Bell's innovative cake confections, there was never another gloss in the line quite like these supreme slices. 


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