Flashback: Holiday 2005

Holiday 2005 featured a whimsical whirl of sweet treats! Being a HUGE fan of the holiday collections every year, this one sure was memorable! Starting from the top;

 Holiday Berry- A spiced cranberry blend; they've used this formula regularly for the holidays disguised with different names: Sparkling Cranberry (holiday 2008), Winter Berries (holiday 2011) are the same.

Berry Cream Pie- Reminded me of the original Berry Jelly Donut Lip Smacker, with a little more chocolatey undertone, but light.

Whipped Cream- Very similar to the more recent Holiday Frosting from holiday 2009.

 Strawberry Cupcake- Love this version, a very decadent strawberry cake flavor, Strawberry Sprinkle is similar in formula.

Candy Cane -That strong, cool and tingly peppermint many of us love and miss- they definitely haven't used this formula since this collection.

 Sugar Plum- Very different than the original Sugar Plum we all know, this wasn't nearly as sweet and had a more soft plum smell. This was good but I prefer original Sugar Plum still.

Gum Drop Candy- Loved this flavor! If you were a fan of the 90's Gummy Fruits/ Gooey Fruits, this was the same. A tart but sweet cherry grape-ish candy flavor. Gummy and oh-so-yummy!

Cream Puff- A sweet and puffy sugary vanilla pastry flavor that is different than their other bakery vanilla type flavors. You can even smell the whipped cream in this.


  1. i have cream puff, whipped cream, sugarplum, candy cane, and berry cream pie from this collection. i bought them about two years ago on ebay, and haven't really used them. do you still use your old lip smackers, or are they just for collection purposes?

    1. Loved this collection! I really don't use them after a certain amount of time, just keep them without using them after they're so many years old. Although, funny you ask-I received a brand new Candy Cane from this collection a month ago and the smell and flavor is still in tact like it was made just yesterday and I've been using it.

  2. Wow I have been searching high and low for this collection, I had a random memory of the cream puff flavor and have been trying to find it everywhere. Do you know of any websites where this collection is sold?


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