Holiday 2002 Pt. I

Retail sheet featuring Holiday 2002 displays and prototypes <3

Bonne Bell enchanted us for Holiday 2002 and took us to a wintery wonderland full of festive frills, pink poinsettias and exciting new flavors to be in awe of! By this time we all anticipated Bonne Bell's coveted Holiday collections and knew we were in for lots of thrills. Even the ad showed only a glimpse of the seasonal spectacle that was ahead of us.

Holiday 2002 Collectible Wish Box

December 2002 Osco Drug store ad snippet 

The Wish Box was the prize of the season and offered up all six spectacular Smackers. Check out the prototype shown from this December 2002 Osco Drug ad. Ironically enough, Osco Drug is exactly where I first spotted the Holiday 2002 display and where I bought my Wish Box from! I'll never forget seeing the display tower standing in the middle of the cosmetics aisle like it was just put out and waiting for me. 

Holiday 2002:

Merry Cherry Candy Cane
Imaginary Berry
Fantastical Strawberry 
Vanilla Wonderland 
Sugar Plum Fun
Holiday Punch

Six new stylishly seasonal Smackers came along that were available in the Wish Box set and adorable ornament trio bags. The Wish Box was a seemingly new tradition, along with tins, that started with the Holiday 2001 Keepsake Memory Box. Perfect for storing your most coveted Smackers or keepsakes, notes and other trinkets in the little drawer. It also doubled as a picture frame. 

Merry Cherry Candy Cane- One of my very favorites which I often rave about. Just when I thought it'd be a fruity cherry candy cane flavor, Bonne Bell was ahead of us all with this super minty, chilled cherry flavor. This was a new fruity cherry, different than original Cherry, twisted with the classic cooling Candy Cane flavor we all loved. This was so unique and what made BB 100% original.

Imaginary Berry- It's hard to imagine this berry as I always got a tropical vibe here but with BB's added layers of flavor it was fun to see this open up as you wore it. It's hard to pinpoint this exactly which made it more fun to imagine your own kind of berry here. My best guess would be the merriest blackberry mango mystery.

Fantastical Strawberry- A new punchy take on a longstanding BB fave. This was the fruitiest strawberry punch. We saw this juicy strawberry surprise reincarnated as the Slamdunk Strawberry Clip 'n Go Sport Balm a few years after this.

Vanilla Wonderland- Anything but vanilla here! I always imagined this smelled and tasted like sparkling vanilla snowflakes dancing from the sky and landing in fluffy piles that look and taste like cotton candy. A new vanilla for BB with a delicate sugared sweetness in the background. They never reused this in any of their lines.

 Sugar Plum FunThe classic Sugar Plum with a fun new name and label. It was always exciting to see how the annual Sugar Plum release was going to be dressed up for the season. 

Holiday Punch- Someone spiked the punch at the Christmas party! This is Tropical Punch's festive twin sister. Similar but with the slightest seasonal twist. 

I still admire the marvelous starry kaleidoscope designs on the labels and love staring at them. Especially Merry Cherry Candy Cane and Holiday Punch! Backed by the shiny hologram laser wraps, each tube was as eye-catching as the most enchanting Christmas lights display. 

The Holiday Originals came in other variations outside of the 6 pc. Wish Box, like the too cute for words ornament shaped trio Be Dazzlin' Bags! The round ornament came with Imaginary Berry, Vanilla Wonderland and Merry Cherry Candy Cane while the teardrop ornament housed Sugar Plum Fun, Fantastical Strawberry and Holiday Punch.

Be Dazzlin' Bag tag

Longs Drugs store ad snippet featuring the Ornament trio bags

Store ad snippet featuring the Wish Box and Ornament trio bags

There were retailer exclusives for Holiday 2002 as well. Walmart offered the same trios in totally different bag designs like the Party Girl Purse that came with Sugar Plum Fun, Fantastical Strawberry and Holiday Punch. The bags looked like little tote purses with major beaded sequin fringe.

November 2002 Walmart ad snippet featuring Party Girl Purse trios and Pet Pals trio canes

Of course that's not all! Bonne Bell had to add a flash of fashion to the mix. This was the 2nd edition of Fashion Passion that Bonne Bell first introduced for Holiday 2001. This was the 2nd and final Fashion Passion collection sadly. Holiday's after this Whirly Girl started taking over and replaced the annual Fashion Passion product story. 

2002 was a little different and although didn't offer face products this round, had three new tasty tinted lip treats including the one and only limited edition Sparkle Colorglaze for lips in Soft Pink Strawberry. The lip tints were continuations of Holiday 2001's story of adding color + glimmer with two new flavors. The #1 Moisturizing Color for lips came in White Vanilla Frost and the #2 Kaleidoscope Glimmer for lips came in Berry Icicle

The new glosses also came with an accessory box to store your faves in, adorned with beads right in line with the Fashion Passion story.

 White Vanilla Frost that added a pink iridescent glow to your lips and had the sweetest, fluffy vanilla flavor. Berry Icicle was just like a frozen raspberry slush dream and added a soft purple holographic glaze to your lips. This had iridescent pink and purple shimmers that shade shifted any color it was put on top of and was so mesmerizing on the lips. 

These of course looked great layered on top of one another and they encouraged to do so. I wanted to capture the intricate detail of just how beautiful these shades really were but the lighting they were photographed in proved to be difficult.

Soft Pink Strawberry was an exciting addition to the rare Sparkle Colorglaze gloss family. Soft Pink Strawberry glossed lips in a sheer hot pink tint with a super sparkle of pink glimmers that glistened with multi-color glitters. The flavor was a new sweet and sugary strawberry sensation. 

'Wear a flavorful flash of wet shiny Colorglaze to brighten your look!'

Store ad featuring illustrations of the round Ornament trio bag and the Fashion Passion set

While the Holiday 2002 Original collection along with Fashion Passion were great enough to be the grand finale, they were only just the start! Bonne Bell had many more tricks up their sleeves and more flavors to dream about and be on the hunt for. Stay tuned for Holiday 2002 pt. II, it’s a furry-I mean flurry of fun! ;) 


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