Raspberry Sherbet


Bonne Bell scooped up a brand new sherbet sensation for Holiday 1978. Raspberry Sherbet was served chilled and ready for ice cream kisses! Raspberry Sherbet was the third raspberry rendezvous from Bonne Bell in the decade that Lip Smackers were launched and by 1978 had a flavor menu longer than Baskin-Robbins could dream of. 

Bonne Bell could have easily opened their own ice cream parlor as they perfected so many fanciful ice cream confections from the beginning, long before any other cosmetic companies thought to do so.

"Good for your lips, shines and smoothes." 💕

Raspberry Sherbet arrived in a mesmerizing magenta tube in the glorious Bonne Bell .60 oz. size. The gloss itself was a pretty sorbet pink that would easily make you want to pop off the cap and take a double dip of this darling delight.

Raspberry Sherbet came after two Lip Smacker hall-of-famers, Wild Raspberry and Red Raspberry that were both part of the core collection for decades. Raspberry Sherbet was completely new and just like a fresh scoop of refreshing raspberry sherbet from the fanciest ice cream parlor. They perfectly captured the experience of taking a luscious lick of a tart & tangy raspberry sherbet. 

Raspberry Sherbet was exclusive to the Holiday 1978 Biggy Cane that came with four other icons. EggnogSugar Plum, Candy Apple and Peppermint were all stacked high in one of the few Biggy Canes in existence, all in the original .60 oz. Biggy sizes of course.  Raspberry Sherbet would later be sold as a single, but was only around as long as an ice cream cone on a warm summer day. 

1980 store ad clipping featuring Pink Grapefruit, Lipton Lemon Tree Lemonade and Raspberry Sherbet.

You sher-better believe Raspberry Sherbet wasn't the only sherbet Smacker that came out over the years. Bonne Bell scooped up rainbows of Sherbet Smackers over the decades, all the way to the end. Raspberry Sherbet was only ever seen as a lickety Lip Smacker once, however BB did other raspberry sherbet's in their other lip lines through the years. More servings of those and other Sherbet Smackers to come! BB was quite full of secretive sherbet surprises that we'll dip into at a later time. For now, stay cool. 💜

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  1. Great post!! I somehow never had the raspberry sherbet smacker even though I've been using lip Smackers since their beginning. Made my mouth water just reading about it!

  2. I love it! Did you know the Lakewood offices were actually designed to look like an ice cream parlor?

  3. A real Molly Ringwald pink


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