I know eggnog is not in season, but the Eggnog Lip Smacker will always be! Eggnog joined the original Lip Smacker line-up for holiday 1977. A sweet and creamy, nutmeg infused holiday staple that was featured as a single and also part of the Biggy cane Bonne Bell offered in the 70's. Biggy canes came with 5 BIGGY Lip Smackers, similar to how the mini trio canes come today (although they weren't called "Biggy's" back then) Can you imagine!? Take notes, Markwins.

 Eggnog didn't make a comeback until holiday 2011! (Can you believe that the flavor geniuses  at Bonne Bell kept it hidden from us for so long?!) Holiday 2011 brought us Chilled Eggnog and more recently holiday 2014 and 2015 as Whipped Eggnog. A light, creamy-sweet, with a dash of nutmeg flavor.


  1. I don't like actual eggnog that much, but I like the eggnog Lip Smackers I own.

  2. A cane containing FIVE biggys?! Sounds like something I would dream about! I love all the recent eggnogs Lip Smacker has done. Maybe someday we will get another biggy.


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