Holiday 2003 Pt. I


Holiday 2003 came bundled up and wrapped in denim dreams for an exciting new season of smackin' delights. Denim was everywhere in the early 2000's and Bonne Bell was right on trend stitching up many new Lip Smacker flavors for the festive season ahead.

The Share & Save Secrets Box was a secretive surprise that housed Holiday 2003’s six Smackers, that also doubled as a book to hide your notes or Lip Smackers from your nosey family and friends. I’m not sure about you but my sister most definitely stole all of my Bonne Bell products growing up. Anyway, there were also the Denim Dream trios that were housed in darling little denim pockets in this same collection.

Holiday 2003: 

Sugared Plum Dream 

Share a Strawberry

Sweet Cotton Candy Cane 

Melon Memories

Vanilla Wishes 

Berry Hopeful 

Six of the seasons most festive frozen fruits and sweets graced the Holiday 2003 Originals collection. Each was a brand new flavor creation but probably one of Bonne Bell's most tame holiday flavor collections in all their years.

Sugared Plum Dream- The Bonne Bell Christmas classic made a return in its usual juicy sweetly sugared plummy flavor with added dreaminess. 

Share a Strawberry- This was such a unique strawberry flavor that was only used once for this. Like a perfectly harvested strawberry when it’s still slightly sour before it’s turns sweet. 

Sweet Cotton Candy Cane- My absolute favorite from Holiday 2003 and the name is so fun! Imagine the original Cotton Candy spun around a minty-cool peppermint candy cane. Such a unique combination and what made Bonne Bell one in a million. 

Melon Memories- Ladies and Gentleman, here is the first EVER Honeydew Lip Smacker! Imagine a chilled honeydew melon for the merriest season. It was sharp and fruity with hints of other juicy fruits that are hard to pinpoint.


Vanilla Wishes- This vanilla captured the experience before you blew out your candles and made a wish. Imagine being in the kitchen with your Mom and she's whipping up a creamy vanilla confection. This reminded me of the Cupcake Lip Smacker from the Friendship Collectibles but slightly different. There was a subtle tangy-ness to it. Almost like a vanilla yogurt or a fancy vanilla dessert that wasn't entirely sweet. Hard to pinpoint but a fun take on vanilla.

Berry Hopeful- This was also another Lip Smacker first! A bodacious, sweet and juicy blackberry that was never done before this and only once after this. It even had a frozen aspect to it. 

The labels featured the shiny laser wraps and were decorated with what could easily be paper cut-outs or denim patches even. Different shapes, hearts and stars lined the edges of the top and bottom of the tubes along what I always perceived as snow drifts. Decorative dots gave a little added colorful cuteness as well.

You know I had to the get the Bonne Bell logo's on their own with the famous 'Lakewood, Ohio 44107' that graced all Bonne Bell products for decades. Even the "We do not test on animals." 💜 

December 2003 store ad featuring the Share & Save Secrets Box, Denim Dreams trios, Pet Pals and even Bonne Bell's Holiday tins of Lip Shox, Lip Fashion and Lip Lites.

Holiday 2003 Counter Display artwork

Fun story, a good friend and I visited Bonne Bell at the Lakewood location in December 2003 and they had their windows decorated with the Holiday 2003 Originals hanging in the window. Bonne Bell was really such a magical place to visit.

You could see them driving in on Detroit Ave and we had to get pictures outside with them before we left! A memory I'll cherish forever. 💙

Here is the exact location at Bonne Bell’s former HQ located at 18519 Detroit Ave. almost 20 years later, in November 2023. I really miss coming to the Lakewood location. 


By Holiday 2003, Bonne Bell switched gears from the Fashion Passion collections that were introduced the two previous Holidays before and brought out the first limited editions of the Whirly Girl line in a Whirlin' Winter Collection bag. I already gave this set a little spin in the Whirly Girl post, but had to show it off for its’ respected debute. 

Whirlin' Winter Collection Bag:

Strawberry Vanilla Spin - s'Whirl Gloss
Strawberry Vanilla Stars - s'Whirly Shimmer Gloss
Vanilla Snow Dance - Whirlin' Glitz 'n Glo

Strawberry Vanilla Spin s'Whirl Gloss gave lips a frosted cosmic fusion of the sweetest strawberries sitting on top of a vanilla dream. This was much different than the Strawberries 'n Cream Swirl Gloss if you're wondering. 

Strawberry Vanilla Stars s'Whirly Shimmer Gloss made lips glisten like Christmas tinsel with the prettiest pinky glittery glaze and the yummiest flavor that matched the Strawberry Vanilla Spin s'Whirl Gloss.

Vanilla Snow Dance Whirlin' Glitz 'n Glo was a glimmery pink and pearly white highlighter that smelled like frosted vanilla snowflakes and gave a gleaming glow to the face or body with silver and violet shimmers that glistened like freshly fallen snow. 

Of course this is only the first glimpse of another big Holiday collection for Bonne Bell. Get ready to get cozied up to our favorite cuddly critters from Smackersville for Holiday 2003 pt. II.


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