Holiday 2003 Pt. II: Pet Pals

The snuggly Smackersville Pet Pals Holiday 2003 collection came dressed in their coziest, sweetest slumbers, ready to hibernate for the chilly winter season with six new flavors to warm up to! Nothing like a night in with your favorite furry friends to cuddle up to and share fun new flavors. We also made a new Pet Pal friend with our first introduction to Sweet the dog.

The Holiday 2003 Pet Pals were offered in a few variations, including the collectable 6 pc. tin. This tin had a see-thru window that was a first. Check out the adorable paper slip of Kiwi the dog inside getting ready to enjoy a snack in his jammies. The tin had etched graphics that were raised with the cutest designs. 

Holiday 2003 Pet Pals:

S’More Cupcake Hugs 

Arctic’s Vanilla Smooch

Sugar ‘n Spice 

Snuggly Starberry 

Sweet Dreams

Strawberry Kiwi Kiss

Six of the snuggliest Smackers in festive flavors fit for a sleepy slumber and cozy Winter nights in with friends. 

S’More Cupcake Hugs- Nothing like a warm hug on the lips from Cupcake the cat that was a toasty s’mores flavor. Graham cracker and marshmallow were most prominent, backed by a melty chocolate in the background. This is the first s'mores Lip Smacker too! 

Arctic’s Vanilla Smooch- This smooch was full of surprises and reminded me of making freshly glazed caramel corn in the kitchen, while also baking something with sweet spices in the background. A beautifully unique BB flavor!

Sugar ‘n Spice-While we were all hoping this might be the return of Cinnamon Sugar disguised with a new name, this was actually a brand new flavor. Imagine a creamy chai latte flavor, sweet with the lightest hint of spice. This was our first introduction to the newest Pet Pal friend, Sweet!

Snuggly Starberry- Curl up to a berry blend with blackberry front and center. This was a different blackberry than Berry Hopeful, deeper and not as tart. 

Sweet Dreams- Doze off into puffy white clouds on a starry night sky, with dollops of what smells like sugary whipped cream. This was also the only one of the bunch that had an icy shimmer in the gloss. 

Strawberry Kiwi Kiss- A brand new take on what Bonne Bell proved to be a match made in heaven. Although this was completely different than Strawberry Kiwi Comet, it captured what reminded me of a strawberry kiwi juice drink. 

The graphics on the tubes were absolutely adorable! Just look at Cupcake's hair curlers along with the s'mores, Arctic's sleep mask, The adorable teacups and spoons on Sugar's tube, Starberry's puffy pillows, Sweet's slippers and Kiwi's knit sleep cap. Does it get any cuter?! 😍 Of course the glittery labels were mesmerizing on their own as always.

Just look at the graphics on the tin. Arctic taking a sleepy slumber with a note that reads "Arctic settles down for a long winter under her favorite blanket".

"Sweet dreams of sugar and spice and everything nice"...

The graphics for the Holiday 2003 Pet Pals tin were very much novel worthy. They could have seriously written a book. If it were today I'm certain we would of had merchandise like a book to go with the Holiday collections. Below "Kiwi gets cozy in his jammies at night just in time for a snack-size bite". 💚

The Pet Pals also came in two cuddly cane trios, with toppers featuring Sweet the dog and Cupcake the cat. The toppers were always fun to attach to your keychain so you could take your Lip Smacker with you on the go. 

Here's Sweet with her Lip Smacker, Sweet Dreams.

The Holiday 2003 Pet Pals wanted to ensure our lips were as glossy, moisturized and tasty as can be while we were bundled up and cozy for the cold winter ahead. While we continue to dream away, we have one last look back 20 years to 2003. Get your telescopes ready for the grande finale as we look into the celestial skies of the season at the last part of Holiday 2003 pt. III

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