Holiday 2003 Part III: Cosmic Diaries


It just wouldn't be a Bonne Bell holiday collection by 2003 without some stellar additions to the beloved Cosmic Lips line. Holiday 2003 gave us four brand-new, flickering flavors to take our lips into the twinkliest twilight of winter.

Holiday 2003 was a season of secrets starting with the originals Share & Save Secrets Box. The Cosmics continued the theme with the Dreamy Diary and the Blue Jean Journal that were both studded in beads with denim fringe covers. Both opened up to a blank notebook inside, not far from the days of the Smackers stationary that was offered in the late 90's.

The Dreamy Diary and Blue Jean Journal were exclusives to Target, while the Cosmical Cool Collection bag was exclusive to Walmart. I do believe it was only offered with Berry Lights and Melon Moon though.

Holiday 2003 Cosmics:

Sparkling White Grape
Strawberry Stars
Berry Lights
Melon Moon

Sparkling White Grape- I've reviewed this sparkling stunner before and I can't stop talking about it still! Literally Welch's Sparkling White Grape Juice in a tube, perfection.

Strawberry Stars- Possibly a sister to the Strawberry Icicle Sun Smackers but slightly different. One of my favorite strawberry formulas from Bonne Bell that was also used in the Celestial Strawberry Sponge-on Sparkler. 

Berry Lights- Is berry mysterious if you ask me! This beauty was a dupe for Hawaiian Punch with an added twist which could have been the berry, but which one?

Melon Moon- A new moon on the horizon here from BB's melon flavors. This was a new melon; a mingle of many melon's, I smell possibly watermelon, cantaloupe AND a hint of honeydew but nothing like Melon Memories. It even has an interesting sharp twist that was almost salty. 

The tubes featured the iconic Cosmic glittery labels with celestial decorations draped on strings along the sides. Both Sparkling White Grape and Strawberry Stars had their namesake fruits added, while Berry Lights and Melon Moon did not. 

Our lips weren't the only thing shimmering like the stars. We got two new Cosmic Cheeks glitter gels to add our collections.

Holiday 2003 Cosmic Cheeks:
Glistening Sugar
Crystal Vanilla 

Glistening Sugar- A rainbow of red, orange, purple, blue, green glitters in a purple base that still smells like sugary sweet snow.
Crystal Vanilla- Glittering cool facets of blue, turquoise, green, purple and orange glitters in a crystal blue base that smells like sweet vanilla cream.

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  1. Yesss sparkling white grape is one of my favourites in my collection


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