Breezy, baby!

As refreshing as an ice cold sun tea on a warm summers day, Breezy Tea-zy sure does live up to its name. This is the 1st official rendering of a tea flavored Lip Smacker to date. Breezy-Tea-zy reminds me of sweet sun tea with fresh-squeezed lemons and is very refreshing I might add. I know many of you have been wanting a tea flavor for years now. If you don't have this yet, RUN over to or your local Rite-Aid, Giant Eagle or Kmart (where I've seen these) and grab the Tropical Party Pack pronto! Breezy-Tea-zy is featured alongside Grapefruit Delight, Tiki Tangerine, Passion Fruit Island, Coco Cabana, Sunset Peach, Pina Colada and Mango Mix. I will be reviewing my other favorites from this collection as well so stay tuned!


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