Cinnamon Sugar

One of my very favorites, besides Caramel Corn, is Cinnamon Sugar. I fell head over heels for it back in the 1990's when Bonne Bell released it for Holiday 1996. Shortly after it appeared as a single along side long standing favorites on store shelves everywhere. I literally bought tons of tubes during its release before it slowly disappeared somewhere around 1999, not to be seen for another 15 years when it was re-released (with CARAMEL CORN among other old and new favorites, see collection below) in 2014. Sadly, the 2014 version is unrecognizable as its Cinnamon Sugar namesake. It smells nothing like the original and nothing like cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon Sugar (90s formula) still remains one of the most missed flavors from the 90s line-up.


  1. Hi there,
    If you would like this flavor to come back- could you please send a sample of the correct flavor to markwins and we will try to bring it back? I need a benchmark so that I can replicate it.


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