Kissing Sticks

   Normally, you won't see me talk about anything on here other than Bonne Bell. Being one for nostalgia, I can't help but mention this revival of Kissing Sticks, by Tinte Cosmetics. For those who aren't familiar, Kissing Sticks were originally made by Maybelline in the 1970's along with the notorious Kissing Potion flavored roll-on lip gloss,  Kissing Slicks flavored sponge-on lip gloss and much later in the 1980's, Kissing Koolers swirled lip balms. These were much more exciting than the current Baby Lips line that leaves a lot to be desired, at least for me. Most who remember Bonne Bell Lip Smackers when they first came out, also remember the Kissing lines of lip products. Tinte Cosmetics recently relaunched Kissing Sticks in their original, beautiful packaging. I really like all three flavors I purchased; Cotton Candy, Banana Coconut and Peppermint and I am excited to try more! The Cotton Candy smells so authentic and just like a stick of spun sugar from the county fair, very different from other cotton candy formulas I've tried. Peppermint offers a slight red tint and a minty tingle. I expected Banana Coconut to be more like tanning lotion but it reminds me of Circus Peanuts candy, still good. These offer a buttery moisturizing balm, in an array of tasty flavors, available here. Rumor has it that Tinte Cosmetics is also reviving the famous Kissing Potions as well! Check out this vintage Kissing Potion commercial here.


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