Happy Easter!

 Two of my favorites from this years 2016 Easter collection, Nutty Brittle and Lemon Tart Surprise, from a huge collection this year totaling 15 original flavors and 12 Disney Lip Smackers! I like the idea of Nutty Brittle more than I like the actual finalized flavor they brought out. To me,  it's a mix of Horchata and the Disney Evie-Baked Muffin. I detect no nutty undertone, only the sweet (maybe) brittle part. Maybe next time around? I'd love some authentic nut flavors! Lemon Tart Surprise is the amazing Lemon Square renamed (practically the same dessert anyway), which is a luscious lemon tart flavor. A perfect mix of sweet and tart! It's the delicious type of lemon they use, too, not the one they're using for everything lately that smells like lemon ice (Frozen Lemonade, Evilly Delicious Punch, Sour Lemon, Berry Happy, etc.) I'd love for them to do a Biggy with this formula!


  1. I really hope they make more lemon flavors like lemon tart surprise. What do you think of the random shimmer Lip Smackers in this collection?

    1. I agree! Not a fan of the lemons they've been using lately that all smell like Frozen Lemonade. Lemon Tart Surprise is a lot better smelling of a lemon formula than that to me. I'd love Lemon Drop in an original formula, rather than the gel.


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