Candy Gloss


Bonne Bell took us to the candy shop when they rolled out Candy Gloss in 2003 for the sweetest and glossiest, candy-coated shine! Candy flavors were nothing new for Bonne Bell but they were on a roll making sure we had every candy flavor possible. The bright colorful confectionary packaging and the amazing retro Candy Gloss logo (one of my favorites!) look like a design right out of an old-fashioned candy store. 

The roll-on applicator was slimmer than their Roll-On Shiner sister and more inline with candy sticks. The gloss itself was a colorful dual tone lava-like gloss that featured colorful candy-colored dots floating between the two layers! Such a fun and innovative technology 21 years ago, and a notch above Lip Rush and Whirlin' Roll-On's that proceeded these. The finish was a crystal clear high shine finish making lips look extra sweet!

The blistered packaging featured amazing graphics and bright bubbles that matched the candy-colored dots in each gloss! Notice the fantastic font on Gummy Berries packaging, which was only printed on the 1st edition packaging when Candy Gloss first hit shelves. 

I've always loved this sweet artwork for each flavor.

Smackers Candy Gloss glazed up 6 smackin’ candy-sweet confections good enough to decorate Wonka’s factory. Bonne Bell nailed each candy flavor and I always wished they would have extended this collection with more flavors. 

Candy Gloss

Gummy Berries

Pink Lollipop 

Sugar’d Strawberry 

Sweet Watermelon 

Carnival Cotton Candy 

Razzleberry Sticks 

Gummy Berries- Just like those gummy black raspberries and blackberries. This was my favorite!

Pink Lollipop- Imagine a nondescript fruity Blow Pop sucker with bubble gum in the middle.

Sugar’d Strawberry- This reminds of Australian strawberry licorice if you ever had it. It’s also similar to the Strawberry Kiwi Kiss flavor from the Pet Pals Holiday 2003 collection. 

Sweet Watermelon- Uncanny to the Sour Patch Kids Watermelon slices without the sour. 

Carnival Cotton Candy- Just like the original Cotton Candy Lip Smacker but sweeter. 

Razzleberry Sticks- A very berry old-fashioned raspberry & blue raspberry candy sticks swirled together.

Candy-coat your sweet Smackers smile with...

The goodness of Gummy Berries...

A slick lip lick of Pink Lollipop...

A luscious swirl of Sugar'd Strawberry... 

A not-so-sour Sweet Watermelon...

A perfect puff of Carnival Cotton Candy...

And a tantalizing twist of Razzleberry Sticks.

Candy Gloss landing page via, 2003

Candy flavors will always be some of my absolute favorite Bonne Bell flavor creations and another flavor category that wasn’t touched by other brands until years later. Bubble Gum was first followed by many unforgettable others like Tootsie Roll, Butter Rum, Good & Plenty, Jelly Bean, Red Licorice, Bit-O-Honey and many more from the very beginning and the decades that came after.


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