Around 2001, Bonne Bell released LiXtreme. A sporty, SPF 24, non-tinted cousin of the Lip Lix family. LiXtreme lip balms were available in 4 flavors: Wild Strawberry, Power Punch, Raspberry Riptide and Boardin' Berry. I was CRAZY over these! Not only were the caps amazing, the flavors were all delicious. The Wild Strawberry was exactly like strawberry Sour Punch Straws candy, minus the sour. Power Punch was a delicious fruity punch with an obvious tangerine and soft coconut that come through. Raspberry Riptide reminded me of the Rocket Pop Flip Gloss they did, a sharp blue raspberry flavor and Boardin' Berry was a berry punch flavor. There are no current Lip Smacker flavors that are dupes of these and there really have never been. These were around for too short of a time and I cherish the two I have left which are thankfully still holding their scent!


  1. Those are awesome! I love the patten on the caps. I wish Lip Smackers nowadays were this creative.

  2. Beautiful!! I never saw these, but I LOVE lip lix and sun smackers! I really wish lip lix were made again.


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