Smoothie moves

Rolling right off the assembly line and right onto store displays are 6 brand-new Smoothie Chillerz Lip Smackers. The Smoothie Chillerz deliver a refreshing, cooling sensation on the lips. Joining the line-up of 8 that launched back in January are;

My Cherry Amour- A tart and tangy cherry-orange flavor. The orange is a little more obvious than the cherry when it's on the lips, making it smell more punchy. It's a strong satsuma orange, too.

Pineapple Splash- DELICIOUS! Just like the original Pineapple Smacker! Not getting any apple but I will update if it comes through more.

Watermelon Twist- Another winner! Although light, it's a watermelon lemonade flavor. So refreshing and reminiscent of the ever-so-popular Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade line. Very different than the original Watermelon Lip Smacker, but still great and the lemon makes it even more unique.

All Peachy- Just like the name implies, ALL peach; just like the original Peach Lip Smacker and the most recent Peach Sunset (same formula). 

It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S- Pretty much the same formula as the Banana Berry Skittles Smacker- still great!

Fruity Fun- As someone who isn't a fan of none-descriptive flavor names, still a good flavor; it has strawberries, pomegranates and either blueberries or acai berries on the label. It reminds me of the current original Red Raspberry formula with a bright but light citrus notes, not orange-y though.

These are available now and sold as singles at Rite Aid and Kmart as well as on Below are the first 8 Smoothie Chillerz that launched back in January.

Jamaican Me Berry Crazy - Smells like red Swedish Fish/ Sour Patch Kids Redberry candy!

Mango Madness- Smells like a lighter version of original mango-very juicy.

 Pomegranate Zing- Although it has passion fruits and no pomegranates on the wrap, this a definitely a pomegranate only flavor, more smooth than tart pomegranate.

Honeydew Kiwi- A very fruity flavor- I smell more kiwi than honeydew, but they both come through pretty strong.

Coco Loco- Honestly, my least favorite- I get a minty coconut and not in a good way. Not very well executed.

 Citrus Squeeze- Love this one- very different than any oranges or lemons Lip Smacker currently makes. I get a tart and bubbly lime, lemon and orange in this. Very refreshing!

Oh Mai Acai- Not what I was expecting, almost a sweet blue raspberry flavor but it also makes me think fruity cotton candy. I always think acai smells similar to blueberries in many flavors and scents.

 Vanilla Orange Zest- Very much like all Lip Smacker creamsicle flavors (the more recent Cream Pop, Orange Cream Egg, etc.).


  1. I really hope I can find these. I tend to find these collections months after they're released everywhere else.

    1. I found these at Rite Aid, but they're also available at Kmart as well as! I hope you find them soon, they're really good!


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