The Smackers Smoochie!

Many of us remember Club Smackers that started back in the early 90's, that introduced us to the World of Smackers! Its been years since Club Smackers ended but I'm excited to announce that Markwins is introducing something fun called the Smoochie Club! Get this amazing lanyard (and check out the 90's style caps with keychain holes!) with 3 favorite Lip Smackers for a limited time! Sign up here, pronto! Here's more details;

                Join the Club! As a VIP member of the Smoochie Club, get access to:
•        Three complimentary Lip Smackers + a limited edition Lip Smacker lanyard when you sign up! 
                        * April 8th - April 30th 2016 only *
•        Tons of discounts and exclusive offers!
•        Free gift on your birthday
•        Vote on your favorite flavor
•        Suggest NEW flavors of your own
•        This is YOUR fan forum and we want to hear from YOU!

And for a throwback...

 (Back issues of Smackers magazine from Club Smackers)


  1. i'm about to join the smoochie club tonight. i cannot wait to have keyring smackers in my life. in some ways, they kinda did listen to us by bringing them back. i hope that the smoochie club goes over well, and many join. this may be our key to seeing older styles come back. maybe there'll be a magazine again, too, although i'm not really holding my breath.

    1. In the age of internet, I doubt we'd ever see a magazine again. They cost so much to make. I would love to have secret flavor collectors list for the year that gives sneak peaks of whats to come. That and special, unique flavors you can only get on the website. Anything is possible! ;)


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